Saturday, June 16, 2007

welcome home!

kak yong is home!!for her summer vacation.yeay!yeay!

ok people.i m fine now.i've poured out my problems to my friends that i've trusted.thanks niksu,nadia,and syaf for listening.gile tak boleh bla la 2 jam gayut.sorang satu's true that problems are best to be now i'm fine and well.

so after subuh yesterday,we went to the KLIA to fetch kak yong and had breakfast at mamak's.then,kak fati came and hanged till afternoon.then,i slept all day.hehe..

mak asked me to go back to ukm on usual there were rules saying that we have to be there tonight at 10pm.but i texted globalmedic's abg zul(he's hot!haha)and he allows me to go back there on monday.hoorayy!!!!!!!!heaven betul!haha.n mak said she'll send me directly to my lecture hall which means i dont have to walk for 30 mins!!tiada peluh.haha.

was supposed to have a 5C gathering but was cancelled due to some 'technical problems'.haha.thus,i didnt go out last night but winshen was bored so he came to my house and hang.he wanted us to go out but mak forbidden me to do we just hang in the was ok at 1st but then mak called my cell n told me to come in so that 'tak kena tangkap liwat.'hahaha..kelakar la mak then i forced winshen to come in and we hang till 10pm.mcm hape yeah.i had fun and i've put aside my problems.kawan2 lame jugak yang can cheer me up.heehee.

so then i have nothing else to do so i called nad for 1 hour n syaf for 1 hour.mampus aku mak tanye apsal bill week!seeling said she wants to visit me.heehee.syaf said she'll come back from KMNS and hang with me for a while.and i want to go back to school coz i think they're having this 'ambil report card day.'OH YEAH i miss yu hua so effing much!!!!

a new week.a new start.i think i will feel a bit more comfortable people,nak jumpa,mariii!!!saye suke jumpe orang.heehee.boleh shopping terus.hee..

till then,see you very soon!jumaat!jumaat!haha.

wa ilalliqok!

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