Friday, June 22, 2007

survived my 2nd week.


kaifa halukum?alhamdulillah syukran jazilan antum sihah wal'afiah.ahsantum!

i've survived my 2nd week in ukm!!yeay me!i met some new friends.i've found out the solution of my problems dah!thank you,GOD!

to be honest,i'm starting to get to use it there.memang la kan dah kena hidup dengan diorg for about 5 years nanti!hehe.

so,problems solved!yeay hannah!except for the language which i have to practice ALOT! to communicate with the libyaness(betul ke ape aku eja?) ustazah n ustazs.aha.go hannah!go!

so if you happen to be in bangi and wanna ajak me keluar,feel free to fetch me in ukm!haha.weekdays je ok?monday till thursday.anytime,'s a university for god sake!we're free to do anything!hahaha.

i've learned some 'amiah(bahasa arab pasar) words.ustaz ridhwan(he doesnt look like ustaz at all!seriously!) told me that in egypt,they only use 'amiah words to communicate and some of them dont understand any standard arabic words.

so in 'amiah,kof is hamzah n jim is ga(yg jawi tu) tsa is ta while dod is zho n zho is's very very'am(benar) is meshi or aiwa and la(tidak)is mush.i'm learning both standard and 'amiah arabic language now.orang yang terror bahasa arab tinggi pon tak paham bahasa ' feels like learning a new language when it gets to 'amiah.insyaAllah i'll try to kuasai both.

it's interesting when we learn 'amiah.everybody laughed their lungs out!standard arabic bores me sgt!sgt!probably because i dont quite understand what the eff the libyaness ustazs n ustazah were saying.lambat2 kayuh la..

so.that's all for this week.OMG july is coming!1 bulan lebih je lagi before i fly.aha.perghhhh...



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