Wednesday, June 06, 2007

big girls dont cry.

went to jusco balakong with luqman,alang n kids while mak went to tabung haji HQ with kak ngah.we went there to watch shrek 3 disebabkan jusco balakong baru bukak cinema itu.gaha.best2.go go away..but yeah,shrek 2 lagi extra2 best.

after that,we went to globalmedic network to settle down the payment.alhamdulillah everything is settled.except for the passport which i will make it right after i turn 18.hee.

saye suke perak!i love kuala kangsar,bagan dato,selekoh n ipoh.i got excited whenever i see signs or anything related to hometown.arwah ayah's hometown to be exact.i miss perak.bile la nak pergi perak lagi?huuu..

OMG i received globalmedic's letter and it stated there that the lectures for arabic language will be held from 9am to 10 pm!wtf???agak2 la bahasa arab pon...cis la suruh blaja 11 jam.apekejadah?halamak have to stay there!if not,boleh je ulang alik dari rumah.i told mak that i REALLY REALLY want to come home like..EVERYWEEK.n if she doesnt want to fetch me up,i will come back jalan kaki.syok la dekat2 ni..heeee...

ok,i have nothing else to blog dah.

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