Thursday, March 01, 2007

what i predict mak will say if i get low grades for my spm:

'itulah!mak suruh blaja,bukan tgk tv!'

'mcm mane nak jadi dentist kalau mcm ni?'

'dulu taknak blaja,nangis tak berlagulah.'

'baru nak menyesal?'

'kak yong dgn kak ngah dulu lagi bagus.'

what i will say to my mum:


or just keep quiet.

i had a weird dream few weeks back.the dream was about,you know,spm was the day the results releases and i really dont want to go to the school,and i cried because of that.i dont want to go to the school to take the slip that contains my spm results.luqman kept pujuk me to go to the school,but i still dont want to go there.and kept crying.apekah maksud mimpi itu?

told mak about the result will be released on 12 march.and mak's reaction was:'hah!macam mane tu?'.mak asked me to ask mazris wether or not i can change the date of my driving test to next week.she said:'bagitau diorg,hari sebelum tu nak amek result,nanti takut test tak pass'.i didnt call them yet,but i think they wont allow me to do so cause it's already full kan?packed with spm leavers.


1. yesterdy's news.seorang lagi budak plkn meninggal dunia,tidak sedarkan diri di dalam bilik air.

2. mak said:'tak lama lagi,habisla plkn tu.'

3. 11 more days!~tak mahu!

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