Wednesday, February 28, 2007

jangan la keluar.

i went to uniten this morning to attend a meeting sesion with the human resources people.haji kamal and haji abdul aziz.they told us about the total ammount of arwah dad's gratiuity.but i wont tell u the ammount la kan.takkan la.nanti dirompak pulak.haha.

after that,we went to cikde's house to give nenek her pampers.spent 3 hours there.daim ikram was being cold towards me though.he was sleepy,i think.tak boleh main dgn dia.kesedihan terasa.

then,we went to the bengkel to repair our kembara's registered took the foreman like 5 minutes to repair it and it only cost RM2.

read syukri's blog just OMG 12 march!the exact date that i wanna pack my stuff dan berholiday di mars.and,i will be back on earth..let see..a month later kot..oh results mesti teruk punye..dasar orang tak baca buku.i wanna cry!~

1. tak nak result keluar.

2. jangan la keluar.

3. duduk situ diam2..

4. please..

5. berdebar-debar.

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