Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy chinese new year

yee sang!!!

happy chinese new year to all of my uncountable chinese friends.yu hua-rians, of my former classmates 4c & 5c/2005-2006,3f/2004,2f/2003,1e/2002, to former yuhua krs members (2003-2006),to interact club members (2005-2006) and to my beloved chinese teachers.

and to those yu hua clubs that will organise pesta ang pau,please remember to invite me as i'm effingly bored at home with long list chores and i'm your senior,so you have to respect me by inviting me to the pesta ang pau.haha.

and to those who are organising rumah terbuka,or planning to do so.please remember to invite me and make sure that there will be some yee sang as i'm eagerly want to have some yee sang!!!!and oh,some hong pau also.hehe.

last but not least,i wish all of you:

nian nian you yu

wan shi ru yi

1.oh.just found this out.result.uhuh.spm results.yes.akan keluar pada 13 march,we still have only 23 days to wait.i was like..oh my god,tak nak tahu langsung!

2.prosperity beef foldover is delicious!and abe is working at bangi's mcd.

3.nenek is here,dont know till when tough.

4.kak ngah is coming back tomorrow.hurray!

5.mak ngah ecah's orange cake is so yummy.

6. me:'mak,tadi drive silau tau!'

mak:' kene pakai cermin mate hitam la tu'..sgt sarcastic.

7.budak-budak plkn dah balik!!!!!yeay!

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