Monday, February 26, 2007

true to life.

pak cik husin rocks dowh!i parked the car without making any palang fall today!wooho!mak was so right.baca doa makes everything easier to handle.syukri's long explaination pon helped juge.

i saw abang faizal at the track today.n fyi,abang faizal taught me last thursday.he's damn hot but annoying.he smiled at me but i balas him back with irritating fugly face.but i smiled back at him the second time i met him.coz he's way hot.haha.o..k..enough of's making me blush in front of the computer.gile ape?

so,pak cik husin convinced me to take the i went to maris today to book the date for the end up that tomorrow's test dah full n i can only take the test on 13 march.i even took 2 hours of extra lessons!RM40!i hope i pass the test.kalau tak,bazir lagi duit bayar ulangan.tak tertanggung la woi.

1. luqman has to go back to school.kesian dia,muka sedih pergi sekolah.

2. kak ngah is flying back to kuching tomorrow.sobs~.

3. nenek is now at cikde's house.we dropped her there yesterday.

4. had splendid time playing with the 2 year old daim ikram.susah tau nak dpt peluang main dengan dia!hehe.

5. kak fati's brownies are so yummy that i ate almost half plate of it.tahu,menggemukkan.

6. watched cicakman yesterday.kudos to pirated cd yang gambarnye ori bak kate alang siti.

7. last but not least,saya lapar.

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