Friday, February 09, 2007

parkir dan three pointer.

i attended my third driving class today.this time,the teacher was great!good to know you,pak cik hussin.i call him cikgu,but he always call himself pak cik.pak cik hussin taught me how to naik bukit.which scare me most.n,i did very well for newbies.fine,i did some mistakes but at least the engine didnt die,right?n pak cik hussin didnt scold me if i did anything wrong.he just tell me that i did it wrongly.not like cikgu as'aari who always scold me,being effly annoying n never teach me anything.

i learnt a lot today.i learnt how to drive on jalan berselekoh tajam.u have to press the break without pressing the clutch when u were on jalan berselekoh.n i learnt how to park the car without making any mistakes.(but i think i've already forgotten the steps.nevermind,i'll try to recall it later.)without making the palang fall down.yeay for me!n i drove the car to the road which the teacher said will be tested on without the teacher's hand on the stereng to guide me.i did it myself!yeay!but,i'm quite weak on how to belok without getting near to the dividers,how to stop the car not too far from the traffic lights or the stop signs.n i befriended with the cutch today.great job,clutch!

i learnt how to fill in the fuel.which was easy coz arwah daddy taught me,i'm a pro in filling the fuel in the fuel tank.haha.i also did the three pointer.which i think i also forgotten the palang jatuh.i think i did a great job today.

having a great n funny teacher for 3 tiring hours was fun.although the song choice was not really my taste.i even complaint about cikgu as'aari to him!haha.n the funny part was,cikgu as'aari was there,at the litar,teaching another mazris' student.n pak cik hussin was like,haa..cikgu as'aari..n he was at the bukit when i drove there.n pak cik hussin was like,tunjukkan kat cikgu as'aari tu mcm mane bawak,i did it!without any ur face,cikgu!muahaha.therefore,one must not scold me too much to teach me anything.remember that.hehe.

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