Thursday, February 22, 2007

macam mane la..

i attended my 6th driving class this morning.n i did driving sucks.and i only have two more hours of classes to attend.if i fail the test,i have to take it again.and more money would be spent.adoi.macam mane ni.teacher said i dont have self confidence.i did well when the teacher is sitting next to me but i did badly when he's away.especially the parking.a lot of palang jatuh today.i was so dissapointed.i dont think i can pass this test.teacher said my driving skill is okay.i even reached to 80 km/h!hehe.and pak ramli taught me how to drive the car single handed.i'm thinking of taking another two hours of driving class before the test.but mak said test je dulu.

ada doa2 untuk keyakinan diri tak?

i'm carving for some chicken rice and mak is making it now.yippe!

the teacher told me to bukak buku undang2 balik!revise it.memorise it.but the thing is,i dont remember where i campak-ed the book.

after 1 hour,

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