Friday, February 23, 2007


i failed to reboost my confidence.i kept thinking that i would fail my driving test.i received a call from mazris today.she asked me wether or not i'm yakin enough to take the driving test on tuesday.i just told her the truth that i dont really mahir in,she said i dont have to take the test on tuesday.she asked me to call her to set the date when i'm ready to take the test.adoi laa..

so,i discussed with mak about it n mak and i came with a conclusion.see how well i'll perform this coming monday.if i did well and i yakin enough,i'll call mazris asap but if i still cant control and loads of palang jatuh and enjin mati,i have to take another 2 hours of extra driving class.kosnya lebih murah berbanding if i suddenly fail the test and have to take it's like 7 times more expensive!huhu~..

syaf and husna came this afternoon.they said they want to cheer me up for i dont even go out and hang with them.they've made my day completed.i dont even remember what we did but one thing for sure is that we had so much fun!thanks a bunch,girls.

still searching for somebody to teach me how to park a car~..

1.result keluar 13 march ke 28 feb????cuak ni!

2.kak fati is spending the night here!

3.sape nak ajar aku park kereta??

4.saya dalam dillema..

5.selamat bercuti di desaru,amelin!

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Syukri Shairi said...

actlly parking kalau buat slow ok nyer..cube kamu buat one by one relax2..lntk la org blkg tunggu pun. sape suruh die ade kt blkg. haha. but....instructor sayep pn kate parking ni sng gak aa nak fail. sbb byk sgt steps pun. hish.

tp pape pun, buat je la ape yg die suruh. just igt steps je. kalau boleh jgn budget buat teknik sndri sgt la.

nk explain kt sini mcm susah, kne ade kerete haha. tp, simply kan..spatutnye...luruskan kerete smpi blkg slari dgn tiang yg 1st, lps tu reverse, smpi nmpk 4 tiang dkt cermin kanan. then luruskan tayar, reverse smpi tayar blkg cecah sblm garisan putih. pastu pusing kanan habis. tgk blkg, undur. pastu pusing kiri abis. ke depan. luruskan keter. adjust2 la time ni. free gear angkt handbrake wave tgn. pastu.....pusing kiri abis, reverse. ble dah rase ok, pusing kanan. pastu kluar dgn slmtnye. not exactly the CORRECT steps lah tp. (mcm terer je....kdg2 sdri pn salah)

just main clutch dgn brake je (pesanan kt diri sdri gak). minyak kalau nk tkan sikit2 je. kalau u rase krete tu dh mcm shake2 sket tu, tkan sikit minyak. so die balance la.

just jgn glabah la. sbb..MMG terbukti kalau glabah nnt x tau buat ape (dh pnah experience..haha...memalukan gler!). i pn x terer gak. haha. tukar gear lembab sket aa. but try and try je. tp lg untung kalau dpt instructor yg sound & lps tu tunjuk and ajar, drpd kalau yg asik nk marah je tp x buat pape nk btulkan kite nye salah.

i'm lucky enough to get the 1st one. haha. tapi, kate pun blajar. so practice la kan. haha. so.........all the best ye kak! dh dpt P nnt rajin² la dtg shah alam. heheh :D wish me luck for my test too!