Friday, February 02, 2007


i visited kak long this afternoon.the baby was sleeping when we were there.they're going to register her name either today or tomorrow.but they were still searching for names when i was there.they decided to take nur aisyah something.bau baby sgt fresh!hehe.

i watched amazing race yesterday dgn sgt emosi!i just don't want fran n sandy get the money!fran talked too much!x suke die.padan muke kalah.muahaha.luckily,malaysian team won!zab n jeor jer sgt hebat!!clap!clap!

oh yea.i cooked!hehe.i cooked sayur but it tasted,that's not good.but hey,habis!suka hatiku!muahaha.n i goreng-ed cekodok.i made it all from buying the pisang,lenyek it,put in the flour n goreng-ed it.i made it.muahaha.yes!yes!n i made special breakfast's kinda my own recipe which i totally forgot what did i put in but it's so yummy.rugi la dah lupe.i will try again tomorrow.harap2 berjaya.haha.

sesikat pisang or is it sesisir pisang?hurm..

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