Wednesday, February 14, 2007

mukhsin my love.

i attended my 4th driving lesson today.i have to wake up extra early to get ready.n,oh driving is becoming worse!pak cik hussin taught me how to masuk simpang,but i still dont know when to break,when to press the clutch.i have to practise more on this.

i totally have to drive more.cikgu as'aari once told me to drive more when i dont have any classes.

yasmin ahmad'slatest film,MUKHSIN, will be aired in cinemas starting this 8th march,2007.tak sabar!!

everyone has a first love story to tell.

Mohd Syafie Naswip - Mukhsin
Sharifah Aryana - Orked
Sharifah Aleya - Mak Inom
Adibah Noor - Yam

lovers' day tahun ni, saya tak sambut.kamu?
happy 18th birthday to liyin n choonkai!

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