Wednesday, February 07, 2007

bukit oh bukit.

i attended my 2nd driving class today.i drove the kancil to bangi lama.n the road was really challenging for me.but my driving was better than yesterday though.made a good friend with the gear.the clutch still dont like me though.which was pretty sad.coz the teacher kept scolding me for not pressing the clutch perfectly.n oh,i realised that i have short legs.that is what i learnt today.i have short legs.haha.i dont really know how to drive on jalan berselekoh tajam.n i dont know how to drive on bukit.enjin mati 2 kali.hoho.n the u-turn.phew!plus, the round-a-bout freaks me out.i've learnt how to masuk jalan n how to see through side mirrors.n my highest halaju today is 50 km/h.yeay!haha.

siapa boleh ajar drive bukit?please la ajar desperate need ni.

i cant sleep last night.i went to bed approximately 12.00 am but i only slept for 15 minutes.i woke up suddenly.terasa sangat,i texted zati n nadia.but they left me at 1.00,i have nobody else to text,i golek2 around the bed.done with the golek-ing and i still cant sleep!i dont know why.thus,i watched spanglish.i watched it from the start to the end.that's 4.00,i went to bed.again.this time,i slept for 30 minutes.i thought it's already subuh.but the clock said it's only 4.30 am.i was like,oh GOD,why cant i fall asleep?i've prayed.and again.and again.n mak suddenly wake me up for subuh.after subuh,boleh pula tidur!sampai pukul 10 pulak tu.sangat la geram.hish.hish.

i still havent fill the upu form up yet.i discussed it with mak.n she said better put asasi perubatan n tamhidi perubatan for the third and forth choice.then asasi farmasi,then,sains hayat.but mak asked me to ask around.

i'm exhausted,tired,and sleepy.

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