Monday, February 12, 2007

i'm lee hom's freaking fan.

wang lee hom.
lee hom wang.
alexander wang lee hom.
wang lee hong.
is hot!

and he's coming to town.i adore lee hom damn freaking much.i want to go to the concert. i really do! to be in front of adore listen to the songs that he'll be singing for me.either catchy or romantic,i dont care,i love get any chances that i can get to be on stage with him singing only one or kiss will make my day if i get to meet him backstage.

he's the best chinese performer i've ever known!he has this very unique talent.he doesnt sing sappy songs with cute voice like what i reckon all chinese performers always do,except for jay chou,f.i.r and guang liang,of course.he actually has the talent to sing n he is capable of producing tons of good songs.

he plays the violin,the piano,the drums,the guitars and loads more instruments that i dont even know how to spell them.

he's way hot!

i hope syaf has the tickets.i have to beg my mak to allow me to go or i'll treat myself the ticket after being so frugal with my money.i'll do anything to go to the concert.anything!

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