Sunday, February 04, 2007

kambing sesat.

mak,luqman n i went to the kubur this afternoon.we saw a group of goats on the other side of the pagar.but we just let them be n continue to recite the yaasiin.but suddenly,two of them sesat into the tanah perkuburan n were running around.other goats were already crossed the road but they stucked there coz the gate were closed n they dont know how to get out.but still,we continue our recitation n the goats were running around tried to figure out how to get after the recitation,we opened the gate n one of the goats stared at walked toward us n stopped suddenly.n went out happily.mcm keluar dari penjara.we dont know what happend to the other dissapeared.

the goats didnt even langkah the kubur when they were running in the tanah perkuburan.mak said they have this kind of instinct that they somehow will know that there's a kubur there n they wont langkah them.that is why Tuhan itu Maha Berkuasa.

luqman n i went to the billion.met seeling there.she's still working there though.mcm dah bertahun x berjumpa!she said she has succesfully passed her driving test.ah dengki lah!n she helped me to find the stuff that i needed.haha..bagus.

to spm leavers,read today's local newspapers.there's all about UPU advertisment,UITM stuff n telekom scholarships.

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