Friday, March 30, 2007

in real happy mood.

finally!the telekom guy came and did his magic and the phone cable is wired back to it's place again.seriously,those monkeys are pissing me off.they were the ones who made the cable putus-ed and i cant use the phone or even go online.nak berlagak pon tak boleh.pergh~

did i ever tell u that life without internet is sangat membosankan?especially when u're an spm leaver and u have no job plus u dont have anything else to do and u have nothing except radio, tv and the princess diaries book.adoi.

i passed my 2nd jpj test.i gave the tester a smile when he called my number,i gave him salam when i shut the door.i checked everything.then,i started gelabah.there was a bukit,and i remembered everything that cikgu ali(cikgu baru and my last cikgu for the belajar memandu thingy...he's hot.hotter that abg faizal.muahahahahaha) taught me.but,i didnt really press enough minyak and i'm fast enough to act quickly by pulling the brek tangan.and i was like...die,i'm not going to pass this thing again.but the tester was extremely nice and told me that 'takpe..takpe..boleh lagi..'what a relief!thank you!thank you!THANK YOU PAK CIK!!!

damnit my myspace kena spam yang gile tak bleh bla!i've changed the password like gazillion times,but i still kena spam!what the heck?macam ni..main friendster lagi bagus.pergh...

did i mention that our gang actually won the RM1000??yes.geng botol susu won the rm1000!!but jfk actually lied to first he called and he said..'nanti i'll call u back and i tanya apa nama penuh i.'..i was like..ok.senang ni!but when he called me back and asked me to hold n he didnt ask me the same question pon...i was like...ek eleh...but we won right?hahahahahaha...

so,everybody is willing to belanja me.muahahahaha.macam princess.but i dont know why bat wants to belanja me.i mean,i just saja je suruh dia belanja but he said he's kesian me and he willing to belanja me.i was like.ok!rezeki jangan ditolak.but bat,when ha?hahahahahahahaha..and akmal is also going to belanja me.coz i passed the jpj test.what orang tua said:'rezeki jangan ditolak!'haha..and some of my friends pon nak belanja.wahh!!!indah betul dunia!!!hahahahahaha...but,i have to belanja luqman coz he said i must belanja him if i lulus my jpj test.n i was being such an idiot agreed with,i have to spend like my own money to belanja him either kfc or bangi kopitiam.-_-"

and oh!aunty ani(she's a datin,but she dont mind me calling her,what the heck..)'s son,imran(not the one who terbakar and still in hospital) is now studying engineering in australia.kinda sad actually.adoi.only certain people je tahu why i'm sad.adoi la.

i cant wait till monday!!!and mak is sooo going to teach me how to drive the kembara.which is so hot.coz i'm now legally(not really...i have to wait till monday to be legal.aiyak!) to drive whatever car i want as long there's a P sign in it.haha.

ok.i'm getting bored.adios!

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