Monday, March 26, 2007


emotional moment.

last night.
i was chatting with ckl who got 7A and being effinly berlagak nak mampos!and i told him about what happened to my arwah ayah.And he said..ARE YOU KIDDING?what kind of person makes this serious matter a joke?and he said i fooled him because the 1st of april is near.i was like.OMG,YOU'RE SO EVIL THAT I THINK I'LL PUT YOU IN KANDANG HARIMAU AND LET YOU DIE.fuck!it spoilt my night!i burst into tears.damnit!i listened to kaer's izinku pergi song.lagilah menangis aku!bodoh betul!but it made me feel better.he's my hero.a friend of mine,fcb,scolded ckl for being so rude.he's my hero too!he even sent me some songs to make me feel comfortable.bat made me laugh again.after bersusah payah.thanks.mereka hero saya semalam.

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