Saturday, March 24, 2007

aunty sarah came usual,to advice me for my decision.i was like..i've made up my mind,so dont come and make it kusut again.and then came cikde and pak ude.who actually saved me from hearing aunty sarah babling about stuffs.mind you,she was a teacher.

had a blast moment playing with my anak sepupu.they're spending the night here.and they are sleeping now i'm bored.haha.takpe.masih ada esok!

akademi fantasia.i thought people will start getting bored with this thing.i mean,last year's af was as lame as a donkey.a donkey?haha.and last week's concert was like karaoke competition.but,this week's concert is different la.the bahang is back.people has started to feel the demam af.i love dafi.i love him so much that i think i'll start voting for him.but,every time i start voting for someone,they wont win.that's what happened to kaer and diddy!hangus duit aku!kesian mereka.haha.

so basically,i have nothing to blog.but i'm bored coz all of my anak sepupu already went to sleep.haha.enjoy.

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