Saturday, July 03, 2010

you've got a friend in me :')

siapa membesar dengan tengok cerita toy story please raise your hand~!! *angkat tinggi2, jengket2 kaki*

ho yeah i grew up watching toy story. and i re-watch it again and again without getting bored.heck,who the hell get bored when it comes to toy story?it's like i grow up with this andy kid. toy story 2 has been my favourite childhood movie since forever. no any other animated movies can beat toy story. *ok, sangat fanatic pula*

anyhow, yesterday was the hang out day with gigians and we decided to go to cairo because the last time we went to cairo was like....4 months ago! and we heard there's stock clearance sale in some branded stores so we end up shhooopppiiinnnggg totally nothing. -.-"
nothing caught my eyes lah. plus, mommy told me not to spend money on something not important since there's not much left in my savings and i have to save some for my effing expensive flight ticket which makes me totallyyyyyyy broke. -.-"

so we went to watch toy story since it was the first reason why we wanted to go to cairo like cannot tahan already.huhu. and it was the best toy story ever! i went emotional at the end.aku tengok cerita jiwang pon tak menangis teruk macam semalam tau?huhu..and then i suddenly realize..i cried over a cartoon -.-"
spot us!hehehe..

ok don't wanna elaborate much..nanti orang marah baling tomato semua.ciskek lah.
there's a match tonight! i hope germany wins. i put my trust on you, dear germany.

for those who haven't watch toy story 3, i suggest you to watch it.tak mahal pon..only 35 LE with 3D specs yang tahan lama..not made from paper..tak percaya? see the picture below:

masih tak percaya spec 3D ni best?hoho

andy sangat kacak :)
philipp lahm, i love you.


aat @ paat said...

ho yeah nie my fevret movie gak mase kcik smpai skrg kak!! hohohoho~~

hannahsahimi said...

hehe paat dah tgk toy story 3 ke?best kan?hehehe

Anonymous said...

best kaaan~~~
my mom pon nanges tgk citer ni.. haha..
my mom pon cute cam ur mom gak ;)

anyway got an award for you dear..