Thursday, July 01, 2010

hello back people!

the finals is officially over! yup2, it's official. :)
now i can sleep again. i forgot when was the last time i had my beauty sleep sebab the schedule was like really super packed! tapi alhamdulillah, dah lepas.

dah usaha, dah exam, skarang cuma boleh berdoa. and prayer is a very powerful weapon. you just have to believe in HIM and insyaAllah, He'll answer your prayer.ameen :)

i have not buy a ticket home yet. ticket mahalll!!! am trying to get the cheapest one. buy whatever it is, this time, i will book a ticket after the date of the result.takut wohhh!!exam was like 50:50. plus,i sucked my prosthesis practical, so that double the worry. do pray for me, people! thank you :)

i've never been this homesick before. sampai tahap yang macam jumpa orang eh rupa dia mcm uncle xxx! eh this surrounding is like my home in, this road is quite similar to the road back home. eh, i think i saw my mom! oh rindu.rindu! plus, kak yong is on the way home now, kak ngah is now home, making the house almost perfect. i do hope that i can pass the year without any resit to make the house complete. *ok time type ni tibe2 rase mcm nak menangis.ah, mengade kau!*

and there's one time, i was at home revising, and i heard this one car honking( well no la actually, people here honk like almost every second, but this one car's the most stood up one) and i was like hey, mak dah balik!! ok, pathetic.

ok, enough of the homesick moment. been with it for about a month now..i want to introduce you to my new favourite band..

say you don't want it by one night only..(there's emma watson~!)

saya tiba-tiba ada masalah hati..mungkin ke cairo esok akan membantu..mungkinn..


hannaani said...

hai hannah.lame xbace blog u.come back home cepat.ok itu je.tata :)

ps:tawakkal lah.insya allah u'll pass

na_neen said...

congrats dah habis exam :)

Tawakkal banyak2~ don't worry too much, ne? Keep your faith ;)