Saturday, August 11, 2007

the big eighteen!

metro point.girls,thanks for bringing me here!

she made me blow the cheese away.

i love u girls for making the party for me!

happy birthday to me!

yes!i'm 18!i'm legal to watch every type of movies already!and as what hani said,i'm legal to masuk jail dewasa dah!haha...bangge plak..haha..i think i had a splendid time celebrating it.hehe..thanks,friends.

thanks for those who sms-ed,called,sent a testi/comment for me,and those who wished me directly.

thanks for the gifts and the cards.thanks for the party!thanks for the sweet birthday song that have been sang out-pitched.hehe.thanks for the birthday song that has been played via a piano by pei lee.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

i celebrated my birthday with a cup of coffee and chores that has been ordered by my dear a decent daughter,i have to do it even though today is my special day.till noon baru mak teringat and asked me:'harini harijadi awak ye?happy birthday!'..ouh the wish that i've been waiting to come out from mom's mouth the entire morning.thanks,mak!then i continued reading my newly bought harry potter and the deathly hallows which cost me only 70 bucks!then received a call from xinwei and they told me to meet them at kajang.syaf said she'll be the driver for my birthday.we went to fetch nadia and meet pei lee,mei yee,xinwei,and win shen in pizza-hut.had pizza-hut and a birthday song.then went to metro has baskin robbins and starbucks there!i mean,OMG.but it bores us quite easily for there were nowhere to shop whatsoever.nadia treated me baskin.sedap seriously!

after that before sending me home,we went to meet syahiran at uniten.nice to meet you,syahiran.thanks for the wish!hee.

night.pak andak was having a bacaan yassin n doa we went to pak andak's my surprise,pak andak bought me a cake!and we celebrated the baki of my birthday together with abg ewan's graduation.

i am 1 year older!!!!

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