Monday, August 13, 2007


i love my mum coz she let me ponteng my whole week's classes.hee..

but i will go to the hukm trip on wednesday la.i wont let the chance to see the whole bilik mayat,bilik forensik,e.r and so on flown away just like that.And i will reconsider on deciding wether or not to attend the asked me to attend though.huhu.

i went to class today but there was none of's just about some sort of pertandingan and we have to speak arabic...kinda something like that la..bores me to tears...and i heard that there will be a screening for tutorial.thinking that it will make me sleep the entire class.i ponteng-ed!hehe..blimey..mak knows about it ok?it's not like i'm being the bad daughter ok?hehehe.. mad came today and he gave us the form for the house that we're going to stay in egypt.and we got the house with 7 people living in it.and guess who willing to sacrifice and live in just 1 room alone?yes,yours truly.i guess they are being over spoilt.i guess i have to teach my future kids the hard way to live so they wont end up like spoilt brats and knows how to be independent like..their mummy.hahaha..ok ape aku merepek aku pon tak paham.

but mak said it's fine to live least i have more privacy space kan?hehehe..and mak said i should bring my own stuffs,and buy my own rice cooker or whatever so that i wont end up dying without food if i suddenly terbergaduh with them la..i hope we wont be terbergaduh la kan?insyaAllah.*praying hard!*and oh!i have to live with boys.NOT IN THE SAME HOUSE!!!the same bangunan but they have to climb up the stairs but we,the girls duduk kat bawah weird is that?i dunno what more weird stuff i have to expect.

oh about the MMC and mansoura university thingy.i found out that only the students who with twinning program with manchester have a problem with the,dont have any problem with them because it stated there that it has been recognised since the year 1978.insyaAllah everything will be just fine..

ok inilah kerje hannah kat rumah kebosanan takde bende nak buat sbb dah ponteng kelas...blogging..oh no..

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