Friday, August 10, 2007

goodbye malaysia.

not in the mood of blogging.

we received a shocking yet sad news yesterday morning.encik fairuz,the ceo of global medic network informed us that our flight has been forwarded to 26 august 2007 0040 hours due to the congested air traffic for muslimin and muslimat to perfom their umrah in makkah.mara scholars will also have to fly early (1 sept) for the same reason.

everybody went ballistic! parents kept on screaming and cussing him (haha padan muke,sape suruh bagitau 2 september awal2?).most of the girls cried and doesnt feel like want to go to tutorials that afternoon...including me.some of them called their parents and went straight home,doesnt even care to come back again for so-called dinner,bbq or taklimat.people are desperately need the time to shop!!but we still have 1 more week to finish up our kursus bahasa we only have 1 week to prepare everything.WTF??.but mak said mungkin takyah pergi kelas minggu depan.hee.thanks mak!u're the best!

so,goodbye malaysia!happy 50th bday!i will celebrate it there.nun di sana~..beribu batu~...

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