Tuesday, August 21, 2007


okok..i have to admit..i havent pack my luggages yet!!!OMG..gile last minute hannah!!tak kacak betul.i dont have the time la...and barang2 agak banyak gak belum beli..hish2..

i went to mahkamah tinggi shah alam today.we had perbicaraan harta pusaka whatsoever.and we headed to pkns shah alam for some shop.aha,i ate alot today...
(-_-" yeay me..-_-").yesterday pulak,i went all the way to palong,n9 and came back home real late..oh,memang takde mase.tomorrow pulak,my friend is coming to visit..haiz..bile nak beli barang ni??huhu..

luqman told me that my shirt is small.but i think it suits me very well la kan..and mak end up buying me an XL size shirt..bapak besar!!i can wear an M shirt la mak!!!besar gile mcm petak.dah la i have to wear it this saturday!!OMG!argh!argh!jgn tgk aku plz.so mak told him this:'biar la luqman,nanti die kawan dgn budak2 alim,pakai jubah terus la nanti..'..and i was like...WHAT???aku tanak berubah weih!!!!!plz plz..tamo tamo tamo..as my firends,u guys should and this is an AMANAH!u guys should remind me or tell me whatsoever of i changed to be like...NOT ME!huhu..sedih sedih..tamo berubah..TAKMO!!!but still,i bought the XL shirt la..tamo kene leter plak tak pasal2..huhu..

oh last sunday,me n syaf went to the cikgus' houses.we went to pn faridah,but she was not home.then we went to ustzah's house,still,takde orang kat rumah gak.and finally,pn raziah was home!at last!ade jugak!hehe.then,headed to husna's for few minutes.she had to go to her sister's that day.so we didn't hang for long.then,met maput at bangi's mcd.hohoho.hari yang ntah pape je.

i want to meet more people!!!but everybody is busy with their studies and everything,so i guess,takde rezeki la kot..huhu..sedih dah..

4 more days!20+ more kilos of luggage to be filled!yeay me!

my KMM friend sent me this picture.the picture of my ex-prektikum.oh gosh!i miss them so much!i miss the guys yang best..and the girls yang seronok to hang with!!oh this time,amal dah keluar.she went to uia to further her studies in dentistry jugak.hee.and after a week the picture was taken,nadiah left.she got an offer to go to russia to study medicine.same as me,private without any scholarships.but anyhow,I MISS THEM SO MUCH!rase kesal tinggalkan kmm is still there.huhu..they said it's fun there!and i met loads of new kmm friends from friendster..and there were so sporting.oh i wish i'm still there.huhu.

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