Sunday, August 12, 2007


i received an sms from a friend of mine telling me to buy the star for it has something about my university,university mansoura, first i was not really interested into that matter so i didnt care much about it.

later in the cousin,abg kamal came with his family.and his son,my anak sepupu but 2 years older than me..(imagine how does it feels like to have a 20 year old,21 year old,22 year old and 23 year old call you mak lang??IT'S NOT COOL!terasa tua.)so he told me that he read the star and he said that MMC does not recognise this university.I was like...WHAT????

Immediately after they left,i went to thestaronline and search about it.and yeah,it's true.i was having a huge dilemma!i told mak about it and mak acted as if it's MY FAULT for MMC didnt recognise the uni.damnit.

thus,i went back to the net again,and i search for MMC's page and i found out that it was recognise by the MMC since 1978!which is the truth???man!i hate being in the middle of some complication!i am sooo going to question this to prof mad or abg zul or whoever in charge with this!argh!!

i searched more about it in kementerian kesihatan's website and found out that both perubatan n pergigian in mansoura university are recognised by the goverment.

senarai institusi yang diiktiraf: pegawai perubatan

senarai institusi yang diiktiraf: pegawai pergigian

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