Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a trip to hukm.

we had a fun trip to hukm.yeay!

oh yea it was awesome!hee..i had a splendid time there.hee..
i was wearing my white and pink baju kurung and when i reached ukm,i saw plenty of my friends wearing pink!it was like OMG gile ar BORIA!!!but i found out that the guy yang me n my roomates always talks about, wearing the same colour shirt as i did.and then we were OMG!!!!BEST GILE!!!!haha.

so we went there and heard a lil bit of briefing from a cardiologist about was cool!the way he explain everything was like sooo interesting.and he always use these sentences:

'u can ask dr thala are the women in egypt beautiful laa..'
'orang2 yang macho2 semuanye cardiologist je..'
'as i said...cardiologist je yang paling hebat'



after that we were seperated into 2 group will tour around the emergency room(E.R) and another group will tour around unit a fan of e.r and csi.i was kinda lost in which to choose.but i followed my roomates to unit forensik laa..then guess what?the pegawai took us to bilik mayat.and oh my GOD!he just did a post mortem to a new case.a guy who killed himself.he dressed up like a girl.they showed us the clothes je.the body dah selesai di post-mortem..the pegawai took us to see some orang gaji and a man.but being so short,i cant see a thing!eventhough i jengket-ed.oh pity me.sobs.

after that the pegawai took us upstairs to hear some taklimat.he showed some bodies' pictures.and i feel sorry for them.their lives end up like that.with incomplete body parts.and some got smashed so hardly they cant identify whose body it belonged to.i hope with forensics that's growing in malaysia,the bad person will end up where there belonged and the bodies' spirit will finally rest in peace.InsyaAllah.

Al-fatihah to those who passed away.Moga roh mereka dirahmati Allah.InsyaAllah.

so these are the pictures that i've took.i cant take any picture in the bilik mayat.they dont allow it.and to respect the bodies there,i think i did not regret for not capturing any pictures there.we just took some pictures in bus and in jabatan surgeri.

we cant wait to reach there!

semua orang tak sabar untuk digelar doctor!

ecah said:'kau bau bilik mayat ar..jauh2 sket..'
sampai hati ko,ecah!

i had so much to tell but i wont tell everything hear.karang orang cakap aku mencapub pe kes plak kan? i had fun.i insaf-ed a bit.and i learnt loads of new stuff.till then!

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