Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hello malaysia 09 part 2.

nak tahu tak?

my flight last night was superbly fun.
it was like a rombongan balik malaysia.
the flight was full with Malaysians,especially students from Mansoura(my batch,of course)..
and due to that i was like overexcited and talked..non-stop,from the car to the airport to the plane.

i was too talkative until Din said: Hannah,slow sikit volume.and Ridh was like perhatian kepada hannah sahimi,sila rendahkan suara anda..thrice.malu.haih.

i don't mind if i have to sit with anybody but i was a bit segan-ish when i have to sit with an ustaz,the very religious one i must say and it automatically switched my mood 360 degree.yup2.and Din was like it's ok i will save you from him..but no effort wan Din?haiyooo..

luckily Amin talked to the steward and tadaaa~Amin saved the day,and i got to escape from the ustaz and sit beside Amin.yippie!
but then the steward keep on coming to me asking me am i still studying ke and keep smiling at me like every freaking time he saw me.haih too friendly pulak.

the steward left when we arrived Mumbai for our 45 minutes transit but then came another annoying steward disturbing.sabar je la when he accused us not fasting when we actually did and he said he saw Amin eating when all he do was sleeping.kan dah dpt bengong dgn kitorg.huhu

but maybe he's just trying to be friendly.i don't blame him for that.hee :D

the journey is even memorable when cute little balqis joined us along with her mama and papa.balqis really became the center of attention.

and there's no more story because all i did in the flight was sleeping and sleeping pengsan that i didn't realize Ee came to us wanted to chat but he decided not to when he saw us sleeping.aww~

except thatttt..
Amin eagerly waked me up and tersengih panjang gile for this:

'hannah hannah,tgk kan?cool kan?'
and i was like oiii u're bothering my sleep dlm hati je la..layan je la kerenah budak ni.haih.

so now i am home and it's 3.40 am and i am jet i decided to wait for sahur and will go to sleep after subuh.

i will fly back to egypt on the 6th of october as the dentistry class starts by then.huhu.

there're rumors about Tanta University is extending their cuti for another month due to the H1N1 that's attacking there.
Mansoura University tak nak extend cuti juga ke?hehehe
tp tak baik mendoakan yg tidak baik--bak kata cida jaya.

till then,selamat hari raya,maaf zahir batin,ampun maaf dari hujung kaki ke hujung rambut.semoga raya ini menjadi raya yang terhebat buat semua.tapi ingat,raya,raya juga tapi suruhan tuhan tetap perlu dipatuhi.selamat pulang kampung,berhati-hati ketika memandu,hargailah nyawa yang tersayang. :)


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