Monday, August 24, 2009

i'm leaving!

well well...tomorrow is tuesday and i've packed my bags.
not gonna bring so much though,since i'm coming home for raya. (oh manjanya hannah.urgh!)
i hate people calling me manja,so i listed down my reasons of coming home for raya.haha(taknak mengaku lagi XD)

1stly, i cannot change my ticket because there's no seats avail. So,i end up buying a return ticket. (with my own money,thanks!)

2ndly, there's totally nobody in Mansoura during raya which means,i'll be totally alone and that is the saddest part.i dont mind living alone at home,but raya alone means major sadness!

3rdly...ok there's only 2 reasons.haha...ok fine!i am mak's little girl.puas hati?haha :p

so i'll be leaving for 3 weeks, giving 200% attention for my exam,with no internet( because i'm not paying for the August's internet fee ), no entertainment, no fun.haha.

so wish me luck guys!i REALLY REALLY REALLYYYY need them.
pray for me in your prayer.orang kata, insyaAllah makbul doa di masa bulan ramadan.

as for all of you, have a blast ramadan.see you in 3 weeks!( start conteng calender.haha )

footnote: goodbye imam tarawih yang kacak dan bacaannya mashaAllah sedapnye.. huhu.


fati said...

gud luck, dear!

ijatty said...

ok pew anak manka.. im used to it.. hohoho.. GOOD LUCK shayang!! ade rezeki syawal kite ketemu yawrh

aqilah ilham said...

gudluc hannah :D
moge ditenangkan dan diterangkan hati tym exam

Niksu Rashid said...

hello hannah. i hope you are doing fine. sila buat exam dengan tabah dan cemerlangnya. because i know you can do it. you really can! selamat berpuasa and see you raya, insya Allah. take care kacak!

hannahsahimi said...

thanks semua!!
saya akan buat yang terhebat! :D

F.A.O.S.M said...

saya tertarik dgn footnote anda..

p/s: gudluck 4 ur exam!!! (harap x too late)