Saturday, August 22, 2009

ahlan ya ramadannn!

Ramadan is here and on tuesday,i will return to the land that i fond of!(haha it's soo fake,i know).With that,i will celebrate the ninth month of the islamic calender in Egypt.

ingat lagi waktu standard 1,where there was this 1 time,the teacher(i forgot the name,i'm sorry lao shi) was soo furious when she found out mineral bottles were on the desks and she immediately ask the chinese students to respect us(the malays) during the holy month by placing their mineral bottles on the floor,where we(the malays) cannot see them and won't curi minum.

and then she made a really cute(in my point) rule where the students are only allowed to drink facing the walls,not facing the fasting friends.(cute right,my teacher?i know.haha)

and you know,chinese school,the canteen are always open,even during the fasting month,the malays are minority what..cannot do anything about yeah,the canteen were open and the standard 3 me and some friends who fast like 'separuh hari' went to the canteen,act as if we were chinese(bengong nak act mcm chinese tapi pakai baju kurung and tudung ,like what the hell kan?but i was 9 years old,so it's forgiven haha)ok back to the story,you know i didn't go to the canteen for just suka-suka watching people eating and drinking the whole 20 minutes of break(where the hell did i get the money?i have no idea!cause my mom never give me a penny for me to belanja,except if the teacher needed them),i bought myself some food too!and apparently my disguise works!haha.but then,jeng jeng jeng..bumped into the sister's friend,a malay,and the sister's friend was like hey hannah!and i pretended i didn't recognise him and then he told my sister that i makan,and my sister told my mom and my mom asked me if it is true(with a very angry tone,yup!) and i said nooo wayyyy!!!i want to collect money for my fasting days!!(because my late father once promised us,when we were young,it's sorta like the way he teaches us fasting by giving us RM1 per day for the fasting day)and i was like..suka hati je tuduh-tuduh orang tak puasa!!and my mom was cannot break fast with us,young lady, because you already did! and i was like..i swear to God i will never ever break my fast before maghrib,ever again because i will not allowed to have dinner with the family,and,dad will deduct the money. :(

that was primary school.when i enter secondary school,this funny thing happened.
my form 4 addmaths teacher(i will not reveal his name,but he's a chinese) was just finished teaching and he sat on the chair and starts picking his nose.and i was like..
'ehh cikgu korek hidung!!cikgu tak puasa ke??'

'oh puasa tak bleh korek hidung ah?'

'mana boleh la cikgu..tak boleh korek telinga jugak!'

and he was like..'ohhh...ok go sit down.'

and after awhile,he called me back.

'hannah,puasa boleh telan air liur tak?'

' -.-", mesti la boleh cikguu kalau tak mcmane mau hidup?'

'ohhh itu macam ah?'

so yeah,now you know why i choose not to reveal my teacher's name.haha.
you know i love you right,cikgu?but please remember my university's name..'mansoura la cikgu,bukan al ajha(al azhar)'

In Egypt,yeah i did spend a whole fasting month in egypt when i was in my 1st year (a.k.a pre-dentistry year,in case u get confused)And there was this 1 time, my friend and i went to the shop to buy some juices,and we picked here and there,some of this,and some of that,and the cashier was counting and counting and then suddenly when we stepped out of the shop,there was this one big egyptian,laughing at us saying..

'tak puasa!tak puasa!!hahaha'(ok diorg guna bahasa arab la..)
malu gila kot dia menjerit kat tengah jalan!maka berlarilah kami menaiki tangga untuk kembali ke rumah kami.And as you know,in egypt,we the malay girls are advised not to perform tarawikh in the mosque (because of some unexplained reason),must do it at home,which i ponteng tarawikh once in a while,and that once in a while became,seldom then it became always ponteng tarawikh.haha

eh hannah,why you sooo jujur wan?
what's you problem?it's the fasting month,so need to be a good girl lah haiyoo.

whatever it is,i will never take my hands off when i see whoever tak puasa when they have reached puberty and have no reasons on why they tak puasa.(dah besar panjang suara garau if belum reach puberty,taktau la)
i once scolded a junior ordering juice from a chinese guy.and i scolded him real hard till he told his friends and his friends told the rest of the juniors that i'm the most fierce senior ever and my name remains as the fierce senior ever till now in that school.(don't believe?ask my brother lah)buruk ok bile orang kate..'oh kak han tu garang gile'..and they never even met me!cis!

okok enough babbling,the point of me writing this post is actually about wishing my non-existing readers,
selamat berpuasa.

andai ada terkasar bahasa,tersilap kata,terguris hati,terasa pancreas,saya mohon maaf.semoga dengan kemaafan itu,kita dapat mengharungi ibadah puasa ini dengan tenang,insyaAllah.

jadikanlah bulan ramadan ini seperti bulan ramadan yang terakhir buat anda,kerana,kita tidak pasti samada kita dapat menyambut ramdan lagi pada tahun hadapan.

Ahlan ya Ramadan!bulan yang mulia,bulan yang penuh keberkatan,bulan yang penuh rahmat.

selamat beribadah,selamat beramal. :)



Salam. Selamat berpuasa dan melakukan amalan2 terbaik di bulan ramadhan dan bulan2 seterusnya. Selamat kembali ke Egypt. (drpd luahfikiran/ fikiranminda)

AALAA' said...

eh mmg gigibiru la kalo tak silap derang translate bluetooth. hahahaha
lawak gils.

anyways, stressed is desserts spelled backwards also nice one! :D

ramadhan kareem to u too, nanti dah kat mesir, jgn curi2 makan plak dah takde mak awak nampak tuh..


hannahsahimi said...

kak alak,
gigibiru as in kat fon pon diorg tulis gigibiru instead of bluetooth?huah! nasib baik bukan gigi jongang.haha

mak tak nampak,tuhan nampak oo..hehe

kelambuharimau said...

jangankan korek hidung..bulan pose ni jangan tak tau..kentut pun batal pose tau..hehehehhe..tak caye?kentut dalam air la..batal pose..