Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the birthday post

thank you! thank you! thank you!

as you can read,yup,me coming home for raya. :D

see how addictive facebook can be to one's life?

my birthday was yesterday.
and i spent 25% of it having tummy cramp, another 25% of it sleeping because i was not feeling so well,another 25% of it,studying blood.totally not my favourite.and another 25% of it,i celebrated with mak and luqman.

overall,the day was spent quite okay.and yes,i am really satisfied with a simple celebration like this.couldn't wish for any better.

you see,i didn't realize that facebook is giving a big impact in one's life until today,most of the wishes came from it.i didn't receive this much of birthday wishes when i was an active user of friendster and i would like to say that facebook really did a good job in..erm..addicting the users?or in other words,connecting people.haha.

but that is nothing to compare to the surprise phone call that i received at 0040 hours from syazwan,ean and know i love you guys like..forever right?hehe.
yet,i have this wierd habit of remembering whose the 1st to wish me and whose the last,so congratulations to syiran amir and ibrahim for being the 1st and the last to wish me happy birthday.

but thennn, celebration with family is still the best among all.even though it is just the three of us,it is still,a special celebration,for me.
thanks mom for treating me pizzahut,and to abang fareed,for treating me johny's.

andd thank you for those who texted and called,i really appreciate all the wishes and the doa,and hoping that it will come true.

thanks juga kepada mereka ini..

special thanks to this girl,who,wished me 'happy birthday' thrice! :D

and to kak ngah for making a special post for my birthday :D

and yes,i deleted 2 of my previous entries,because, as what people say, i have to move on and stop whining,and the phrase of 'Allah tak akan menguji sekiranya hambaNya tidak dapat mengharunginya' motivates me from day to day. I appreciate kak alak,kak ngah, kak hanis and KAK nadia for giving me motivation talks,i am blessed to have them in my life. screw the egyptians for whatever they've done to me,what's done is may be unfair,tetapi kesabaran itu perlu and i'm sticking to the thought that maybe God put me in this condition to train me the meaning of patience,and maybe God wants me to learn more about physiology and anatomy, and maybe God wants me to not only chase the world,but also to chase the hereafter,and just maybe, my intention to study is just wrong,and i have to correct it back.(bukan hanya sebab mahu pass exam).tanpa ujian,kita tak akan belajar,aite? (see the matured 20 year old me soooo optimist wan!haha :p)

enough of babbling,it will just spoil everything!.

stepping to the big two O life..and it's wonderful!yup,i am a prouuudddd 20 year old!takde kedut lagi kan? :p

remaja sampai umur 22 kan?hehe :D


Nurul Nuha said...

like seriously jj hitz? wow!

AALAA' said...

ahaha bestnye byk nye org wish! happy belated one! ;p

now i think about it, the older u get, the fewer bday wishes u'd be getting :s

...or is it just me? hahaha

neways, enjoy ur youth while it lasts. when i turned 20, a close fren told me, eh masih remaja ape.. twenteen ;)

hannaani said...

fuiiyooo byknye bday wishes!happy belated b'day hannah ;)

p/s:20 tahun tu mude lg

hannahsahimi said...

Nurul Nuha,
yes seriously it's jj hitz.hoho :D

kak alak,
the older u get,the lesser the bday wishes?boleh difikirkan.haha
i'm still a teen lahhh br twenteen haha..thanks kak alak! :D

thank you!
i know rite,orang kate nampak mcm baru 17 haha :p

Niksu Rashid said...

haha nak jugaakkkkk :p

Mr and Mrs Magik said... dentist punye birthday ke..happy birthday..and all the best in ur doings..err..betul ke bahasa...

a big smile for you..but if u look me from does not look straight ..hahaha..nasib baik org lain tak pasan...

fati said...

dear! sorry sangat-sangat lambat wish!!
Happy Bday, May Allah SWT bless u forever! Btambah ceria dengan iman, amin!

hannahsahimi said...

Niksu Rashid,
haha.saye rase bersalah maa..huhu

kak ina,
haha thanks nnt i learn more and tell u more abt ur teeth itu. :p

kak fati,
lambat2 kena kasi present!haha
thanks for the wish btw :D