Wednesday, August 19, 2009

stressed is desserts spelled backward.

i am stressed..
2 more physiology topics that i hardly had a time to read,let alone memorizing the whole book!

my half book of anatomy calling and begging me to be memorized,which,again,where can i find the timeeee??

i have 6 days left before getting my ass to egypt,the country of happiness,which means,exams are just around the corner and i really really really need more time man!

the fact that i could never ever flunk this test because it may lead to major sadness and the nagging mom will nag like..nonstop.

just the thought of me going back,really increase the stress level.oh 'great'

even babies can get stressed too..
'being a baby is the most stressful job,you know?'

errr..can somebody teach me how to stress in such well mannered way?

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