Sunday, August 02, 2009

hari segala macam perasaan.

sedih,nenek dikatakan sakit.sudah 2 hari.mak decided to balik we went back to kampung immediately after subuh.
called the ambulance,took nenek to the hospital,chased the ambulance,and accompanied nenek in the emergency department,where they gave her glucose and sodium chloride.they said she's gonna be ok,so we went back home because i promised acap that i'd come to his sister's wedding.

bertambah sedih.when i reached kl sentral and i realized that i didnt bring any money except the money that i bought ktm ticket to kl sentral.
bertambah tambah sedih. when faridah said she might be late or she might not come because the train was wayyy toooo congested!
bertambah tambah tambah sedih when the superheroin ara said she couldnt come and rescue me because of her dad.leaving me,stranded in kl sentral,with no food,no atm card,no money..and the clumsy me didn't even bring along my stupid ic.which means,i cannot go to shah alam, nor to UKM,because i didnt bring a single penny.[mode kebencian terhadap diri sendiri]

relieved. after 2 hours at kl sentral.another superheroin came to the rescue!faridah made it!and we went straight to shah alam.

happy.because i met some of my mesir mates :)
and what makes me happier, superhero ibrahim said he can drive me home.yeay!
later that night, a gentleman.haha.he who must not be named looked smarter than usual last night. :)

tengah malam.

superhero ibrahim with his supercar(not acually that super la,i just wrote super because a superhero needs to have a supercar..haha) sent me home safely. thanks superhero :)

the superhero ibrahim and superheroin faridah :D

yup.a fraction of the mesir mates :)

acap's sister is like sooo pretty.jeles lah.haih.

nota kaki:
dah lama tak buat entry mcm diary mcmni.haha.
gentleman made me cair.aww~ haha
kakak acap sgt cun!
acap anak orang kaya.haha.amek kau!

mak, can i have a wedding that grand?huuu~

photo courtesy of : acap ishak.

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