Monday, October 05, 2009

the world is angry.

i once heard that once there's continuous earthquakes,it's like one of the big the signs of we're about to reach the end of the world.

there's more.
the tsunami attacked Samoa,and the typhoon in Philippines.

and some people are just so full of themselves and doesn't want to help those who are in need.making excuses like the Indonesians wanted to kill the malaysian students,why should we help them?
since when our parents taught us that if people treat us bad,we have to treat them equally bad also?

stop blaming others because
Daripada Abu Hurairah ra bahawasanya Rasulullah saw. Bersabda: Jika ada seseorang berkata: Orang ramai (sekarang ini) sudah rosak, maka orang yang berkata itu sendiri yang paling rosak di antara mereka"

there's a saying that we have to help each other no matter how bad that person is,whoever he is,even if he's your enemy.

i'm not trying to be religious but all i'm saying is,stop being childish.the world is angry,he's getting old and we soon will die.everybody will die, no one is excluded.what's the point of being so arrogant?

treat people nicely,people!we have not much time left.
and go pray.
it's a reminder for you and a reminder for me as well.

and oh,i'm leaving tomorrow.goodbye malaysia :'(

and i don't want to leave home,it's too comfy to leave.
but yeah,comfortable is just temporary.
and i have a new resolution this year;i will study the smartest and the hardest!yeahhh!!
ok so tonight,i'll be sleeping with dear mommy haha jangan jealous!

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