Sunday, November 08, 2009

helllooo people!

it's the beginning of winter!goodbye hot weather, you will be missed.
egypt is,as usual,congested with malay students.
school is tiring,having more practical classes than lectures,loads of requirements to do,loads of fun yet loads of stress.

enough of school,i will tell you all about it when i have my own internet(currently using roomate's broadband.huhu) and i am blogging while doing some research about the crown and bridge.talking about taking chances!haha

emosi bermain dengan saya tahun ini.maybe it is due to the stress.this too,will be talked in much more detail,once i get my own internet.

so that's it.i'm off.i have research to do,remember?hoho.just stopping by to tell everybody that i am still breathing here and yes mom,i am doing fine,there's nothing to worry.totally.

nota kaki:
did i tell you that i have no weekends?'welcome' to mansoura,people!haih.
thanks kak hanis,for lending me your broadband :)
tak sabar tunggu cuti raya haji yang panjaaaaaaannnnngggggggg!!!!
cuti winter ni nak pergi mana ye?hoho

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chemistree said...

lame xdtg blog ni..skang da lawa la