Saturday, April 01, 2006

dr sheikh muszaphar shukor sheikh mustafa

dr sheikh muszaphar shukor b sheikh mustafa...
a hukm doctor...part time model...n astronaut candidate...
eligible bachelor!!!!...dob:26 july 1972...age:33 n still single mingle!!die idolku!!hannah mnat sgt kat dier!!!luv him much!!hope dier dpt jd da 1st angkasawan negare n pulang dgn slamatnye!!sesaper mnat dier kat cni???...info2 pasal dier plz bgtau hannah erk?sape x mnat die mmg la....x mnat xpe..jgn kutok die ok?hehehehe....luv sheikh muszaphar!!!lekas sokong dr sheikh muszaphar!!jom ramai2 sokong die!!!huhu...

tergugat dgn pose-mu yg mnunjok langit tu!!hehehe


dah jd model,pose smue cantek!luv it!muah!muah!muah!
Dr Sheikh Muszaphar says: "I would do anything for this mission mainly for the national dream. I am leaving everything behind, my loved one and everything, I am very focused for this mission."

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