Monday, May 29, 2006


from atheera..

1. Song playing at the moment?
bad day..i miss american idol..huhu..

2. Reasons for living?

3. Do you think you're ok?

4. Ever donated blood?
i cant donate blood.i was in london year 1993.mad cow desease at that time.

5. Favorite color(s)?

6. Accessories you usually wear?

7. One song to describe a heartbreak in the past?
tiada heartbreak.

8. Last place you went to?
kuala kangsar.

9. Last person you went out with?
my crazee classmates.

10. The most exciting sport?
net ball!

11. Ever had a baby?
nope.still studying.

12. Movie you want to watch?
the da vinci code.

13. Any piercings?

14.The most romantic gift(s)?
a dozen of roses [dah tiada tapi..huhu..]

15. Acted on stage before?
banyak kali.

16. Struck by lightning before?

17. Danced with your loved one before?
danced with my handsome junior pernah.loved one tidak lagi.

18. Ever wished you could turn back time?

19. What would you do if you woke up one day to
find yourself to be with someone from the opposite

20. One song that's meaningful to you?

21. Last person you met for the first time?

22. What will you be doing tomorrow?
hospital esok.

23. Ever thought of robbing a bank?

24. One thing you totally regret doing/done?
haha countless la babe.

25. Do people like you?
ask them.

26. What was the last game you played on the internet?
i dont play games la deng.

27. Someone who means a lot to you at the

28. The color of your mobile phone?

29. Do you hate someone at the moment?
yezza..god knows who.

30. What do you wish to happen now?
demamku hilang serte merte.

31. Last time you ate pizza?
mother's day aritu.

32. Ever been given a ring? sis.

33. Do people think you're weird?
always.ask my seniors.

34. Movies now showing that you hate?
man laksa.

35. Most important thing in your room?

36. Last movie watched?
alexandria..i just bought the cd!!yeay~awesome!

37. Last television show watched?
debaran prelude.

38. Who is the person you want to see right now?
god knows who..i wont tell.

39. Ever called a person useless?
yes.kasihan my bro..huuhu..

40. Are you good at hiding your feelings?
yezza..saya dpt degree dlm perkara ini.

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