Monday, November 17, 2008

meet Dr Ebraheem.

the man who taught us organic chemistry's 1 year syllabus in just 2 months.

if it wasn't for him,i doubt that i would get the chance to pass last semester.

as everybody knows,my classes last year (this year,still)were all in arabic,and we have no clue on what's going on in the lectures especially organic chemistry.And everytime we attend the fully arabic lectures..

'weh,tidur jom!'


'weh,orang arab tu kata rupanya ada homework laa...petang ni kena hantar..jom buat sekarang!'

how pathetic.ada homework pon taktau.

Lucky us,our egyptian friends helped us alot throughout the whole year.Especially those who can speak english fluently,and introduce us some doctors who can help us.And Dr Ebraheem is one of them.

thanks to him,almost everybody got jayyid for chemistry (2 of us got jayyid jiddan,serious tak tipu)

All hail Dr Ebraheem!

so,last week,after studying dental biomaterial with my study group friends,i called him.To my surprise,he still recognise me (and the rest).He invited us to come over for some homemade kusyairi .

the homemade kusyairi taste better than any other kusyairi i've ever tasted before.
y-u-double m-y!

Sadly,Dr Ebraheem didn't teach biochemistry,he couldn't teach us this'll be missed,Dr Ebraheem!

Dr Ebraheem,us,and the juniorsssss

kacak kan cikgu saya?ROFL. ;p

*kusyairi-one of egypt's famous delicacies.contain of some pasta,spaghetti,some rice,fried onion,some kacang,and tomato paste as the sauce.

more to come....


Anonymous said...

haha i dh ckp dia handsome!baek pulak tu.grab jelah hannah.bkn jauh sgt beza umo ;)

Niksu Rashid said...

jayyid jiddan tu mcm dekan la eh? huhu

hannahsahimi said...

im not like you,
grab pebende weih..
dh nk kawen.tak baik kacau rumahtangga orang.wahaha

haah mcm dekan la..huhu

Mizah said...

cis woman!bila u found my blog??tak senonoh.dahla tak comment :P

n hello hot doctor?kenal pls ;)

hannahsahimi said...

haha..u pon baca my blog x comment,ckp orang.hoho :p

mizah,dont kacau rumahtangga orang.u jadi good girl kat rumah k?haha :p

ahmad said...

jangan raging budak junior oi...hehehe