Wednesday, August 25, 2010

an update.

it's been awhile since REALLY post anything here.(the youtube videos doesn't count -.-") so here i am, 2 more days to get myself back to reality. :(

i'm a bit moody these days due to the fact that i have to go back..and i have to celebrate eid there..yelah, siapa nak raya without family,right? am not so lucky like last year, this year i didn't have enough money to come home for eid.which means, i'll be like totally alone because all of them are coming home for eid. but to think that the eid break is just 1 week, i decided to toughen up and err..just try to enjoy it? arghhhh~~!!!! why la egypt is being so mean to me? :(

the summer vacation so far, was the most boring one.ngahaha. went to just a couple of meet-ups, balik kampung twice, accompanied mak here and there (which is fun, but a bit tiring), and the rest of the holidays, i just stayed home, reading.. and oh! yeah la,went to some tafsir classes and terawih. i was supposed to do an attachment at a private clinic, but it turns out that nobody is going to meet the dentist during the fasting month,so there goes my chance.

of the 21st birthday.
my 21st birthday was on the 1st of ramadan, this year. thanks everyone for the wishes.appreciated it a lot :)
had a little celebration at home with family, and of we go straight to the surau to perform out terawih prayer.
what is it like to be 21? erm.. everything seems to be the same, but i can vote now!yippie! :D (haven't lah actually.. haven't daftar yet.)
and once you're 21, you have to face the grown up questions like..' u have a bf already or not?' and some statements like.. ' u have to have a bf now if not u wont get married' -.-" all you got to do is, smile, tell them that you're just 21.too young to get married.haven't enjoy enough being single, and just shove them off by telling them that your sister is not married yet so, being the obedient little sister, you just want to wait in the line.ngehehehe. :D

of ramadan.
the ramadan so far is one of the greatest.because ramadan is the time we(the family) eat together.if no ramadan, no eating together.we eat at separate yeah, when everybody's home, and gather together, with or without arguing, it feels great! but too bad i will not be home during eid, because mak was hoping for the whole family together during eid.takpe mak, insyaAllah next year, i'll be home.. but have to look at the takwim first lah. didn't bother for any baju raya this year. i didn't have the celebration feel.huhu.

of bonding with mak.
tighter bond i must say! i haven't feel so close to mom before.ngee :D
but, she always talk about marriage and life la.oh so boring.huhu.

of shopping.
DIDN'T SHOP!!not in the shopping mood.probably because the absence of the raya, i don't have money pon.if i have some,i would buy a ticket for raya!sedih sedih.dear jpa,faster bank-in the money please.not gonna happen!since they didn't get my results yet..and only after they get it, they'll bank-in the money like..after about 1 month. -.-"
so keep on dreaming,hannah.wish for a miracle to happen. -.-"

bags are 95%, goodbye malaysia.see you in february! :( :(

ps: siapa nak raya dengan saya di mansoura?


na_neen said...

jom jom kita raya sama2~ :D

Anonymous said...

kesian nye hannah~~ tape nanti da habes blaja balek keje kat kajang mcm sarah ;)

kem slm ur family~

Good luck in ur studies and Happy belated birthday..

selamat 18 Ramadhan :)

hannahsahimi said...

kak naneng- jom!!!!kite kene seronok spy org jeles.haha :p

kak mel- ngehehe.kak mel.too late la to sampaikan salam tu..dah ade kat egypt.huhu.kite tanak kajang..bangi is better.ngahaha :p
thanks kak mel! good luck in ur housemanship juga! selamat 21 ramadan! n selamat hari raya ;)