Monday, August 08, 2011

break fast: egyptian delicacies

how amazing, i'm blogging a new entry, again!

we had our iftar last friday at our classmate's house. it was the first time they had foreigners in their house so they were so happy, especially Norhaan.

Norhaan felt sad that we couldn't join our batchmates for iftar jamaie because we'll be either on the aeroplane or we'll be in Malaysia at that time, so she discussed it with her mother and the family decided to invite us to come to their house for a simple iftar.

and simple iftar is not that simple at all! we had tonnes of food! and Norhaan told me that her mother wanted to cook more egyptian delicacies so that we could taste everything but then Norhaan stopped her by saying the Malaysians are small, they can't consume alot.

true, indeed.

Norhaan's house is so beautiful and her family is so friendly. it's sad how we couldn't really make a conversation with her parents due to our lack of arabic skills. but they were so happy that Norhaan's mama cooked us 2 plates of food each and let me tell you what she served:
1. 5 pieces of mahsyi : fried rice stuffed into vegetables eg: cabbages, cucumber. (my fav)
2. 2 cuts of bashamel: it's just like macaroni and cheese
3. 4 pieces kofta: minced meat, rolled like a sausage, roasted.
4. 1/4 of roasted chicken.
5. 7 pieces of dates and kismis inside a glass of water. (DELICIOUS!)

mahsyi and bashamel

kofta and firakh

all of these for each of us. it's a pity when i couldn't finish them all because i have a small stomach but i tried my best to finish them all until i was so bloated i couldn't move.

after maghrib prayer, we had some desserts. the desserts time is my favourite as Norhaan's mother served all of my favourite egyptian desserts! but again, i couldn't finish them up because i was too full.

desserts: balah syams and hunaifah

the dining etiquettes here is that you have to finish up what served for you and if you didn't finish them up, you are considered to be rude to the host and he/she will not be happy but sorry Norhaan and family! we wished we could have larger stomach to eat every delicious meal in front of us, seriously!

thanks for the hospitality Norhaan and family! you've made us love Egypt more! :)

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