Saturday, December 31, 2011

the 2011 review

hello good people!

happy new year for those who are already in 2012! 2 more hours for us in egypt to reach there, we're pretty much still enjoying 2011 hihi.

how is everyone? i know 2011 marked the extreme decrease of blog posts, sorry for that but, life is getting busier (i am supposed to study now, but it's new year eve!), and as you get older, some things are best to be kept untold ( ie: telling publicly the days of your life in a blog).

2011, is one of the most memorable year in my life, and these are the few reasons why:

1. my first experience of being a speaker in Tanta, giving talk about dentistry overall.

2. 25th january 2011, The revolution in Egypt. the extra 1 month holiday for us due to the chaos.yeay for that!

3. clinical year, treating patients is the most awesome feeling ever! (provided that you are not under stress)

4. the addition in the family, tasneem, the baby who made the entire family closer together :)

5. not to forget, the babysitting experience! priceless!

6. passed the finals, and now in the final year, alhamdulillah :)

7. as i told you, some things are better to be kept untold. haha :p

my 2012 new year resolution? well, i prefer not to make any but i do hope, and i hope you'll pray with me that i will:

1. become a better muslim, a better daughter, a better friend, a better student, a better dentist.
2. pass the finals with good grades, and graduate on time.
3. live, and go through the ups and downs of life, without losing hope.
4. control my anger, and living a patience life.

ameen ya rabbal 'a la meen.

may this year, be a better year than the previous years. ameen :)

30 minutes to the new year, so, happy new year everyone!
and a reminder, a step to the new year, a step closer to death, may we return in imaan.

loads of love,
31 december 2011, 2331 hours.

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