Monday, March 22, 2010

err hello?


sesi membersihkan sawang-sawang blog.

hello people,it's been awhile.been busy with some stuff.ada je masa terluang sikit tapi nk cerita everyday life sangat-sangat bosan.(wahh saya dah matang,ho yeahh)
ok back to sesi membersihkan sawang-sawang blog. just a quick review of what happened during my blog post absent.

dental workshop was a success,alhamdulillah.
the dental workshop's aim was to teach the students anything regarding the practical work that they'll face the next year.macam predentistry students belajar macamane nak carve gigi.and the 1st year students belajar macamane nak buat crown,buat tooth preparation and complete denture.syok kan? semestinya idea datang daripada tuan pengarah,acap!!woot woot.
we had 2 sessions of dental workshop.means,2 fridays, because the only cuti we have is friday,nak buat 2 hari berturut is very impossible(ok ok stop whining)
thanks to all program committee members for making the workshop a success.kesian korang penat2 eh?but it totally worth it right?heehee.

pengarah di tengah2.takleh do aku letak gambar kau sorang.biar la orang lain nk tumpang glamer jugak.huhu
the 1st day: as an instructor.hehe seronok.

the 2nd day, as an assistant instructor for kak meen

i missed almost everything this year.i missed the cultural day,the talent show,the dinner,the family day.humph.blame my course for that.
i decided not to go to the annual dinner because,
i do not have the money for it,let alone for the dress.
i need the money i have to buy dentistry tools yang boleh tahan mahal juga harganya.

but but,i am going to maher zain's concert in cairo this thursday!weehoo!

erm, am actually having a writer's block (-.-") so,i don't really know what else to write huhu.

the dentistry malaysian day is coming up. but the date is yet to be known. i'm handling quite a big part of it but yes, the job comes along with stress foc. humph. the vice dean nak tgk ni,tgk tu before the actual event, dia puas hati, barulah boleh organize. sabar hannah sabar~huhu.
i just hope that the dentistry malaysian day will run smoothly and will not interfere with our studies,insyaAllah.

talking about studies, i still have alot to cover.yeahhh, the common student's everyday talk.but seriously, the final will start on 22nd may and ends on 30th june.practical belum tahu lagi.could be next month!speaking of which, i havent practice setting teeth for prosthesis yet!huhu freaky.freaky.freaky.

back to books peeps.will not update the blog sangat frequently,sadly.
the internet connection pon not being too friendly nowadays.


muaz said...

salam, selamat berkenalan.. :P.. mai lawat blog sy kal uade mase..

falling-evenstar said...


Just wanna say, "Congrats!" ...hehe. You know what I mean la kan. Anyways, hope you are happy ;)

Good luck exam yeah! Just remember to never ever give up~ may Allah bless you always <3