Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ok the holiday post!

it's going to be a full with pictures and a bit diary-ish post..so bare with me. :D

1st day
boarded a turkish airlines flight to istanbul. and this is a must say,turkish air is worse than egypt air.thanks! it's like air asia, only more expensive.egypt air, i heart you. (omg,what did you just say hannah?haha egypt air boleh 40 kg okay?seronok)
slept for almost the entire 4 hours in istanbul airport. And, istanbul airport is big, but more or less macam pasar jual ikan.. serabut gila masa check in.urghh tak suka..but that's another story.
and so, from istanbul we boarded another turkish airlines flight straight to DUBLIN!ho yeah..
where nadia lost her bag. haha. so like yeah, met kak yong there, hugged!rinduuuu..yada-yada. settled down at her house,yang best.dapur yang best.jeles.benci

and then at night, we went to jalan-jalan at the dublin city centre,because dear nadia has nothing to wear the next day because her bag is still at cairo. perfect kan?haha. akmal as the tourist guide.showed us here and there. kedai dah tutup pon..and it was only 7. kedai kat mesir buka sampai lewat malam ok?(haha tiba2 bangge :p)


2nd day.
next destination: london.
ryan air is abang to air asia. but we don't really mind because the journey was about 1 hour or so.settled down at the london malaysian hall.best! better than the cairo malaysian hall la yang pastinya.then, off we go loitering around london!

nampak sgt la kan korang tau aku pergi mane.haha :p

oxford street at night.
day 3.
ripley's tak bukak lagi when we got there. super sedih. teruskan perjalanan menjelajah london.and then off we go to bristol.met haziq and afiq.went to the clifton suspension bridge where afiq told a long story about it.penciptanya si brunel. tinggi bridge tak sama.si brunel tak cukup duit.sebab tu bridge tu pendek je.and si brunel tak cukup budget untuk beli bahan,so digantikan dengan ape entah.tak ingat dah.

trafalgar square.

buckingham palace

the clifton suspension bridge

day 5.
terus 5th day sebab nothing much happened on the 4th day.hehe.
so on the 5th day, kami merajinkan diri ke kelas di rcsi!! ho yeah. we followed akmal, ok jalan ke rcsi from kak yong's house was like so tiring.envied the super comfy lecture hall.envied the english lecture.envied the way they study.urgh benci orang-orang yang belajar di rcsi.thanks.
after that, we visited kak yong's college, trinity college dublin, and went to the famous library yang ada the book of kells, which is believed to be the oldest book ever. and the long room tapi tapi!! no photographs allowed.sedih sedih.
and then, we went to Powerscourt,bray by dart. the scenery in powerscout is super amazing!it is believed that it was owned by some lord hundred years back and the lord died (obviously) and something happened here which i cannot remember..and yeah the powerscout is now for people to come and enjoy the scenery.tapi serious besarrrr!! and there's waterfall but we didn't get the chance to go there because it was closed.
trinity college dublin.


this is bray

day 6
was planning to go to the Malihide castle or Glendalough. i really wanted to go to Glendalough because it was the place where p/s: i love you filmed. but we went to the Grafton street instead to buy some souvenirs. spent the entire day looking for souvenirs and had dinner at the kebabish original with kak yong. ziarah-ed some kak yong's friends. made new friends. chatted and laughed until mid night.
sian bdk ni kena buli.haha :p

day 7
went to galway for a program kak yong asked me to join. shahadatul haq. an awesome program i must say. i enjoyed every bit(eh tipu) most of it.the talk about the shahadatul haq was really an eye opener.and this,i will tell, in the next post, insyaAllah. :)

galway :)

ain,the new friend. salam ukhwah ;)

day 8
still in galway and went back to dublin later in the afternoon.

day 9
ok tiba masa untuk kembali ke reality. :(
thanks kak yong, for everything! especially the shahadatul haq program. me love my sister so much! :)

more photos?see here :D

backpacking was fun! but for girls macam mahal sikit lah kan sebab tempat tinggal agak mahal sebab kitorang taknak amek dorm backpackers sebab nak solat n stuff a bit susah. and kitorang like jalan macam sukati je nak jalan mane sebab entah..malas lah ade group tour etc! tp survive je and duit pon tak banyak habis.sebab bawak segala macam maggie n segala 3 in 1.ho yeahh!

overall, saye kurang belanja dan ada duit extra yang agak banyak la jugak! :) (cehhh bangge pulak..huhu :p)

thanks kak yong, kak fatimah, kak yana, kak siha, kak sheeda, kak amy for the hospitality.
thanks akmal, for the tickets, and for teman-ing us shopping.haha
thanks haziq for the sardines.haha :p
thank you ireland for giving me sooo much experiences, both good and bad.haha

till we meet again!insyaAllah, biiznillah. :)


Nurul Nuha said...

jelesnyaaaa! nak pergi london jugak huhu. awesome giler awak punya trip!

Akmal Calculus said...

oit2. apsal kat airport xde nama aku?
apsal nama aku sikit je ni? haha

hannahsahimi said...

if ade rezeki silelah pergi! :D

sbb ni post yg agak malas.
dan sbb at least aku sebut kot?tlgla bersyukur!

hannaani said...

alaa i dh mleleh dh bce ni.nakpegi london jugak!hannah,u buat i jeles!
ps;eh k.yong dh ade baby dlm perut?hahah

[i.l.y.a] said...

sangat best ok awak dapat pergi sana. nak dengki la boleh?

hannahsahimi said...

huhu..pergi la if ade rezeki eh?insyaAllah. :)
eh takde lagi lahhh merepek u ni..huhu..

jgn la dengki dgn saye huhu..sedih saye..huhuhu..

Akmal Calculus said...

haha. jgn la marah hannah. saje je. amcam skang? ok tak blaja. lama tak msg aku. :P

dealova said...

sy terlompat2 blog..n...i want to ask..bajet dr mesir ke dublin bape ye. then terus ke london bape plak?

mne lagi murah. nk stay kjap di dublin. or direct flight ke london..?

please reply..hi hi..=)

hannahsahimi said...

tgk la nk stay lame kt mane..if stay london lame,lg murah g london dulu then g dublin.

haritu g dublin-le 2850
dari dublin amek return flight to london- le 130