Wednesday, September 08, 2010

at first, i like this iklan because it shows bangi.puncak bangi la..but still, it's bangi!!

then suddenly, a friend ym-ed me to take a look at this iklan and he said ' ada muka yang kau sayang dlm ni'

i was like 'siapa yang aku sayang? atok tu?'

then he said:' manede.makcik tu.rupa dia sebijik mak kau.kat bangi plak tu.'

then only i realized, yeah.. adalah sikit rupa mak.. tp makcik ni muka panjang sikit..and thanks to the friend,i am now homesick, not in the mood of doing anything. mommy, i miss home, i miss you, i miss adik n sisters. i miss helping you out few days before raya from mopping the floor to changing the curtain, from making sure windows are squeky clean to vacuuming the carpets. i wonder who did every of that during my absence.i hope you didn't do it your own.

this is the iklan i talked about..

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