Wednesday, September 15, 2010

raya oh yeah.

raya oh yeah.
raya di perantauan oh yeah.
nak tahu tak? bila raya di perantauan sambil dengar lagu INI rasa mcm nak menangis je?
hampir la menangis.tak menangis pon! *tabah*

how do i spend my raya?

1.cooked for raya..*proud!!* :)

2.solat raya with more or less 40 malay students in mansoura.

i love these kakak2 comel,so they deserve a place here :D houses! :D

mansoura girls team :)

the geng gigi rongak.ngahaha

4.rumah terbuka perubatan in cairo..super bosan.(jujur betul) -.-"

5.and we went to city stars to watch movie in baju kurung after the rumah terbuka.

internet was not ok the 1st day of eid so i bought a 50L.E of recharge card which lasted for 7 minutes when i called home and tak sempat to actually apologize to dear mak. -.-"
so i texted her saying i'm so sorry for being a bad daughter blablabla, and immediately after she replied, tears started to fall. adoi.
that's what you get when you celebrate your eid away from get more emotional.(because i never cry during the apologizing session back home) -.-"

now,back to school!
i have 6 schooling days.
13 subjects,which i don't really remember the names.
okok, let's try, i have operative dentistry, crown and bridge, prosthesis, oral pathology, oral surgery, general surgery, internal medicine, pedodontic, endodontic, diagnosis, x-ray, dental public health, and orthodontic.(ok i peeked my schedule)
REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that i can bawa these whole 13 subjects this year.ameen.

mak said:' aktiviti selain study kena tinggalkan.just study, makan, solat n tidur.'

lasttt but not least..

again, the song..

(please please don't laugh at my tudung, i'm wearing it just for the sake of my mom.huhu)


na_neen said...

what's wrong~ your tudung is cute! :D

Hehe...thanks, Hannah! Good luck for the new year k. Ganbatte~

(ke org skrg dh x ckp 'ganbatte' dah? OMG. I feel so old. Haha)

Take care!

hannahsahimi said...

erm..maybe 1st time,so ramai gelakkan.huhu..
thanks kak naneng! good luck juga for your exams! :D
ps: org still ckp ganbatte lg.hehe :D