Friday, October 01, 2010


al-fatihah to arwah mak ngah who has passed away last saturday.
i only know this after a week, after i asked my brother what is mak ngah's current condition since the last time i texted mak, mak said she's on the way visiting mak ngah who was at that time seriously ill.that was 3 days before she passed.
mak ngah suffered kidney failure disease for years, even before dad was diagnosed the same disease.
when dad passed away, she kept on asking, 'kenapa leh(dad) yang pergi dulu?' because she said she's been ill longer before dad was. she asked the same thing when my arwah achik(dad's brother) passed away due to heart attack 2 years back.i remembered her telling me,'mak ngah tak lama dah ni'..but we told her that ajal maut di tangan can live up to 100 years if God willing.

mak ngah was the one who gave me the idea of pursuing dentistry. i still remember at that time, we were at kak ina's open house and i was in form 3.mak ngah asked me about my ambition.i told her maybe i wanted to become a doctor or even a lecturer but haven't really think about it yet.then, mak ngah said,hey why don't you become a dentist?you have the chance of working office hour, and you still have the doctor title! i said, i don't know mak ngah,i'll think about it later. i went home, did a little research of how cool the dentist job will be, and the next morning, i told my mom that i wanna be a dentist and alhamdulillah i am now in my 4th year of studying dentistry. thank you mak ngah, for guiding me in choosing this path.

mak told me that mak ngah was ill during my holiday in malaysia. i told her that i wanted to visit mak ngah but mak said the family just visited mak nyah 2-3 days before i got back, she was still in stable,in the end, i didn't get the chance to visit her and i hoped to see her next year.but,God has a better plan for her, and she passed away last saturday.
mak ngah never fail to remind me of how much i look like my dad and always remind me not to forget dad even though he has passed.i am going to miss her stare because she loves to stare at me due to the dad look i inherited.and also her common 'ni la budak mesir ni!'

Al-fatihah to arwah mak ngah, may she be rest among those who deserved a place in jannah.ameen.

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