Tuesday, January 04, 2011

hello 2011 :)

happy new year, everyone!

hopefully, this 2011 will bring us success and happiness all year long. ameen.

2010. what about 2010?
2010 keeps alot of my memories. i learned alot, from the people, and from the surroundings, and let's not forget, from God's tests too.

2010 embarks the establishment of the malaysian dental community in egypt. through it, i learned alot about 'directing an event'. i have directed( and co-directed) the Dentistry Malaysian Day and the Dental Workshop. yes, it consumed a lot of time and money, but the objectives of the events are well delivered, alhamdulillah :)

i did a backpacking travelling to the UK and Ireland in february (and have lost quite a number of money at the end of the year). it's like the first time travelling to the UK after dad bought us there during his sabbatical. and yeah, i did reminisced my first visit when i was there even though i was too little at that time.i dont know how, maybe God's power? through travelling, my sister made me go to an eye opener islamic event, which i thanked her alot. why? let me just keep it to myself :)

2010 made me learn more about life. and mom did tell me alot about how to live life, and how to make good decision in choosing your partner etc. i sometimes feel that mom just couldn't wait to let go of her daughter.haha. but no, mom said that i'm already 21, like it or not, i have to start thinking about it already. bukan menggatal ye? and, to choose a partner, mom advised me to choose yang baik agamanya, yang baik akhlaknya,pertuturannya, yang elok asal usulnya.

towards the end of the year,i gave a talk for the how to succeed program for beloved juniors and i went to tanta to give a talk to tanta's malaysian dentistry students. after 4 years living here, malaysian dentistry students has grown from only in mansoura, to several other places like al-azhar, alexandria and tanta. and the amount of dentistry students has increased from only 6 to i don't know, maybe 200? ramai kan? alhamdulillah :)

how to succeed: 22/10/2010

ways of wisdom(wow) : 31/12/2010

as my academic year for 2010/2011 starts on september 2010, i feel that i should write my experience toward the patients here. yes, i am now in the clinical year, alhamdulillah. 2 more years insyaAllah i am going to be a muslim dentist. the experience upon treating patients is just way awesome. nervous is a must for the first time, but now, alhamdulillah, Allah mudahkan, my work is eased. i will always remember my first patient, Naily, who were a stranger to me at first, she came just for a dental check-up, and my doctor said she needs filling, so that's what i did to her. nervousnye tuhan saja yang tahu, i kept apologizing by telling her that this is my first time and i am very sorry if i hurt you anywhere. Naily has become my friend, today, and she helped me alot in promoting my service :)

with one of my patient

all in all, i thank God for the year 2010. and the most important thing i learned from the year 2010, is maturity. :)

with some of tanta dentistry students and pengerusi pct: 31/1/2010

the year 2011. what do i hoped for the year 2011?

i'm hoping for a more mature me, a better muslimah, a better (and more rajin) student, and a better daughter. and oh, a better doctor too. it's fun sometimes when your patient call you by the doctor title.hee :D

but i do need your help in achieving my dreams here. that is, please pray together with me. thank you :)

2010 was a great year, 2011? hoping for a better year :)


Hambiah Liyana said...

will pray for u hannah! :D

hannahsahimi said...

thanks eyyie!

Hambiah Liyana said...

u r very welcome my dear. ;)