Friday, December 03, 2010

1 litre of tears

i love to watch sad movies whenever i'm sad or when not in a good mood. i use the sad movies as a platform for me to cry. because people ask me why am i crying, i'll tell them that the movie is just wayy too sad that i cried. betapa emo dan pathetic, i know.

i had a few rough weeks. way too many problems to face.way too much to study within so little time. need a hug, mom's hug. but it's unreachable, i know. but it has nothing to do regarding my post here.

a friend introduced me 1 litre of tears. she said: ' confirm kau nangis tgk cite ni sedih gile!'. after hearing that, i thought, naahhh, i won't cry. but i did cry...... in every episode -.-"

the drama is wayy too sad.
i know that i'm soo outdated that everyone else watched it like 3 years ago and i only watch it 2 days ago but, seriously, it's so sad that in 1 episode i actually pause it for awhile because i was crying too hard. and i woke up the next day with mata bengkak as if i just broke up with someone.

why did i cry so hard? because this drama is based on true story. and 1 litre of tears is based on a diary of a patient who suffered from spinocerebellar degeneration. where atrophy of the cerebellum occur, and slowly, the patient will loose the coordination of hands, feet, speech etc. from being able to walk, to being bedridden. sometimes, the patient may find it hard to breathe. and once she reach this phase, death may occur. it's an incurable cruel disease because a person with SCD retains full mental capacity, but progressively loose physical control.

it does remind me of my late father. although not the same disease, he suffered alot too from his kidney disease. and, eventhough i can get scolded if i say this, but i regret for not spending the precious time with him before he passed away. i didn't even get to say goodbye or even tell him how i love him so much, how i thank him for being the greatest dad, how thankful i am for having him as my father.

so please, everyone, cherish your loved ones before you loose them.
say 'i love you' before it's too late.


ijatty said...

kaannn? sedih gile citer. zati nangis like every eps kot! dahla tgk marathon, mmg pas abes tuh bengkak2 gile mata. O.o

a passerby said...

Ya Allah cite ni adalah super duper sedih kottt!!! Nangis setiap episod adalah wajib dan sperti komen di atas, abes tgk bengkak2 mata sakit2 kpale! Hahah. Btw lagu die best sgt kan yg konayuki tuhh. And asou kun sgt koolness :)
Ok sekian review :p

How u doing there, evrything's fine? ;)