Sunday, April 24, 2011

then and now, i still love you

look at my hideous teeth back in 1995.( if you know which one is me)
this photo has been my favourite since forever! and my brother uploaded it on facebook, which leads to me showing everyone the picture of us all during our carefee kiddy years! haha

look at us now ( approx 3 years ago):

i know right, how fast the time flies :')

my finals will start on 3/5 and ends on 7/7. doakan yang terbaik bagi kami, terima kasih :)

robbuna yawafaa means good luck in arabic, so robbuna yawafaa to all who are taking any exams especially those living in Egypt. :)


nursyafiqahjamaluddin said...

comel2 adik bradik ko beb.. =)
nway, best of luck.. moge2 dpt buat yg terbaek..
<3 u.

Hazira Azly said...

all the best hannah! :) may Allah make ease of everything. robbuna yawafaa!

[i.l.y.a] said...

hi hannah,

How are you? :) em, i saw my link on your side bar, but it's the old link.

I got new blog.

you can change it if you want. jaga diri baik-baik kat egypt.