Saturday, May 28, 2011

the i have to study but i end up writing a new entry post

hello blogging world!

i have finished half of my exams.(yeah in egypt, we have 2 months of exam period.2 MONTHS!)

the exams was, hard, indeed. the *madah muntada were ok but i cried 1 day for my oral pathology practical exam because i forgot a lot of slides' names and loose alot of marks. but anyhoo, i have to compensate it with the written and the oral exams, which will be in... this upcoming 5th june (which is a week from now, and what are you doing hannah? go study lahhh byk lagi nihhh)

anyhow, during the whole month of practical and extended subjects exams, i do still have to finish my clinical requirements(read: prosthesis, operative) before the final exam i did finish them (had to jiggle with the packed exam schedule)

we have to make only 1 denture for this year. simple steps but i took alot of time to make it due to some reasons like, i got sick for 1 day, and the riot thingy delayed my treatment to this patient, and the fact that this is my 1st time doing it, so i was a bit slow in understanding the steps and make it correctly with the doctors' guidance( u know how heart wrenching it is to hear the doctors comments about your stupidly hideous work and the word REMAKE will be like GO KILL YOURSELF). but thank you ammu ahmad for being my 1st experiment! :)

we had to take our Malaysian friends as our patients due to the communication barrier. so SPECIAL thanks to RIDHWAN and KHAIRUDDIN for being my diagnosis and operative patients.memang terbaik la kan, kes yang aku dapat time exam operative dah la dalam cavitynya, buccal pit pon dalam, spot caries pon dalam sampai hampirrr kena buka class II (tp nasib baik la tak perlu), withh a macroglossia tongue, and and the same time tongue tie, AND the patient could not open his mouth too long. but Alhamdulillah, i think i did quite OK. :)

diagnosis lagi la tiba2 doctor tanya soalan yang tak ada dalam buku. yang mcm ha?? aku rasa mcm tak pernah belajar ponnn. bantai punya bantai, salahhhh!! confident itu penting ye rakan2. -.-". oh doctor tersebut doctor external, no wonder soalan pelik!

dah2, exam tak habis lagi, jangan nak cakap banyak.

but2, anyone knows me knows how much i loooveeee the script, right? so here goes my favourite song:

can anyone buy me the scrip's science and faith album? pleaseee pleaseeee preettyyy pleassseeeeee

*madah muntada: extended subjects: oral surgery,dental public health, prosthesis, and orthodontics. the marks for these four subjects will be brought up to next year, insyaAllah.
* ammu means uncle.

8 more subjects! Permudahkanlah segala urusan kami ya Allah, ameen :)

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