Tuesday, June 07, 2011

the song that makes you feel home :)

you know, when you're sooo away from home, anything regarding home tends to make your eyes teary.

well, i know sungai lui is an old song, but, today, i had a very rough day. the external Dr from Alexandria who asked me in the oral exam today lowered my self-confidence. the sentences of ' you came here to study, you're away from home, you should have no distractions, you should be perfect' with a VERY disappointed face, really really made me sad.what made me more sad is that that Dr was so nice she smiled all the way.

so i came home, crying, and suddenly my brother texted me, just in time to calm me down :) (eventhough what he said didn't really have anything to do with calming me down at all), it's just that, you know, the feeling of the person who accepts you for who you are, the person where you go to him/her and feel belonged. where you don't have to say what's bothering you but it's about the presence of that person will make you automatically okay :)

that person, normally for me, would be one of the family members. commonly, my mother. who nowadays, love to text me exam tips everytime i stressed out without telling her. probably the mother's instinct.

HENCE, the sungai lui song which made me feel like going home this instant! but i figure i just make it as a semangat song. :)

anyhow, what's done is done, tawakkaltu alallah. i have 4 more days for my next paper, so let's move on! BAKTANG LAH DIAGNOSIS AND RADIOLOGY!

homesick secara tiba-tiba. mommyyyyyyy!!!!! :'(

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